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El desierto adentro. Museo Emilio Caraffa. Córdoba, Argentina. March 22-May 24, 2018

De Femineo. Galeria Octubre. Universitat Jaume. Castellón de la Plana, Spain. February 22-April 20, 2018

​Deambulaciones entre grabados y Rinocerontes. Embassy of Brasil. Buenos Aires, Argentina . June 9-July 1, 2017

​Alien Nations. Lehman College Art Gallery. Bronx, NY.  February 7 - May 6, 2017

​Matrices 2017. International Exhibition of Elctrographic Art. Budapest, Hungary. February, 2017

Quitapenas. St Johns University. Prints Gallery, New York. October 2016

Facing History: Contemporary Portraiture. Victoria & Albert Museum. London, UK. August 2015- April 2016

She's a Changeling. Exhibition with Claudia DeMonte and Julia Randall. The Harts Gallery. Milford, CT. USA. 

Global Draw Project. Online Project and Exhibition Limberg, Belgium​

Digitalis Agora. First International Digital Art Triennial, Szekszárd, Hungary

​The Perfume of Absence: Book of the Week @ The Exchange, London, UK

El Perfume de la Ausencia / The Perfume of Absence. Genaro Perez Museum. Córdoba, Argentina 


Wandering Toys_Juguetes errantes. Collaboration with María del Carmen Marengo.  Published by BuenaVista, April 2018

Mejunjes. Publication of  poems and short stories by Ivo Mandrile. Published by El Mensu, Argentina, March 2018

Apátrida. Performance: Music composed and performed by Lynn Bechtold, soft sculpture, and  premier of  Nonibrí, animation in collaboration with Ivo Mandrile. Ladies First Festival. Opera America, New York City. October 2, 2016

Reviews, Interviews & Articles

Seeking the threads that tie us together in a world of separation.  

Alien Nations Exhibition Review. Riverdale Press.

Argentine artist Cecilia Mandrile restore a dialogue between portable objects and found places.

Interview by Ayatollah Khawaldeh. Al-Quds Newspaper ( Al-Arabi) 

La herida constante. Review by Verónica Molas. La Voz del Interior Newspaper. Córdoba, Argentina. (Español)

 TÖRÉKENY TÖREDÉKEK (Fragmentos Frágiles).  Essay by Judit  ​Sárosdy.  Pag. 112-115. Catalogue International MegaPixel Print Festival. Budapest, Hungary, 2014 (Magyar- Traducción al Español disponible)

Most  recent Residencies Projects:

CFPR Editions. Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol, UK.

Makan-Bait. Amman, Jordan

Zona Imaginaria. Buenos Aires, Argentina