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Essay : Traveling Light.  

by Gill Saunders

Senior Curator of Prints, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
Published by Impact Press at the Centre for Fine Print Research,

UWE Bristol, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-906501-08-2​​
Solitaire was developed during the Collaborative Print Studio Fellowship at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol in 2014.

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The Desert Inside comprises a series of ‘Solo’ exhibitions in isolated locations. From Wadi Rum, Jordan, to Purmamarca, Argentina, carrying solitary games and toys, Mandrile adopts the vast desert as a playground. The journey becomes

a subject of dialogue with fellow artists, writers and curators, as a reflection of the lonely experience in a transient condition, as artists and audience, as protagonists and witnesses. Rooted in the awareness of the sense of

‘incompleteness’ experienced by displaced subjects, the project documents the constant flux of the ‘inkless’ imprint

of ludic artifacts in moving backgrounds. The resulting graphic evidences unveil new aesthetics of displacement,

aesthetics that search for a translation of the migrant’s wound.